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Statistic Stories

So, I checked and out of the 31 days in January, I was gone 22 of those days. My life is becoming a little bit ridiculous.


Apparently, at the beginning of every year, my blog site sends out an informational email to show you how you’ve done for the year. I’m still very much a novice, but the statistics are kinda cool, so I’ll share them with you.



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.26.14 AM.png


 Almost 500 pictures is crazy! Blonde Beijinger is kind of a strange post to be the most popular one. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Here are a few of my faves (in no particular order) :



It is really hard for me to choose my favorites because I lived all of the stories, so they each seem special to me in their own ways. Luckily, they provided me with a statistic on the posts that got the most views in 2015. And, it looks like I chose some of the popular ones in my list too. Enough is Enough and Checkmate can be found here if you want to check those out again!



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.27.10 AM.png


They also included my posting patterns, which isn’t super interesting to me. But, here they are anyway.



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.26.40 AM.png


And finally, where does everyone come from?



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.27.36 AM.png



While I’m sure all of this is really interesting to everyone, I also created some statistics of my own because I feel like mine may give you a better idea of my life.                                                                                                            
Since I began this blog, I have


– travelled to 12 countries (South Korea [x2], Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Canada, Italy, Jordan [x2], Israel, France, Hong Kong, and Germany)


– endured 174 hours of being stuck in an airplane (just calculated it, that is over a week straight of flying. As in 7 whole days, plus some. And that doesn’t even account for the amount of hours spent in airports. Mind boggling.) Here is my favorite post from an airport: Moving On


– Eaten 353 enchiladas. See Cinco Celebrations for reference.


– Grown 3432 pounds of produce in the garden. Peas, Please!


– Embroidered 782 hats, in case you want to know what a Day In The Life Of Me is like.


Most of these are approximations, but probably close enough to true to be legitimate estimations. Which essentially tells you my life can be split into four categories: travel, work, Mexican food and gardening. Which actually really is accurate.


So, here’s to 2016 and all the stories yet to come!

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I feel like I haven’t written in awhile. Except I have. I literally write almost every day. Not all of it is noteworthy or in this case, blog worthy. I have half written ideas, notes, thoughts, cards, lying around everywhere. So, I guess I feel like I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Which I haven’t.

I recently learned to write my name in Arabic. Useful, right?


I love words. I always have. The spelling, the way we use them, different meanings, they’re so fun to me. Probably not everyone agrees, but I definitely think so. I love people who speak English as their second language. They make me see our words in a whole new way. People always ask me if I speak a second language and I always say no (because I don’t)

But, I feel like understanding English as a second language should count as my second language. Am I right? When I get my nails done, I always leave there knowing their complete life story, so that should count for something, right?

I met some friends in Jordan and they all speak Arabic with English as their second language. I was messaging one of them and I used the word obvious. And he said he had never heard that word before, so he wanted to know the exact meaning and how he could use it and wanted to hear me say it so that he could get the right pronunciation. Which probably wasn’t right because I will admit that I might have a slight accent. But, he got the idea.

I really like finding and using words that second language speakers haven’t heard or used before. It’s an especially proud moment when they later use the word I exposed them to in a conversation.


My first Conversation English group

One of my Korean friends in college pointed out to me that I said the word hopefully a lot. I used it in a sentence one time and she said, I’ve noticed you use that word a lot, so I’m going to start using that word too. How strange is it that a word you use completely unconsciously can become associated to you specifically by another person? I guess if I’m going to have a word associated with my pattern of speech, hopefully is a good one.


Jayoung , I taught her to fish and “hopefully”

We are what we do repeatedly, but I think we also are what we say repeatedly. The words we use, the things we speak, that all matters.

I read one of my posts out loud recently as a summary of our work with the Syrians. It was weird for me, more than I thought it would be. As I listened to the story being told first hand, I wrote notes so that I could write about it later. The woman telling the story didn’t make me very emotional. Writing the post didn’t make me emotional at all. But, something about reading the words I had written out loud, hearing the words spoken, got to me. It made me see the story in a new light.

There’s a verse that I love that says: our mouths speak from that which fills our hearts. (That’s the Brittney version. To read the Jesus version, check out Matthew 12:34 or Luke 6:45)

To me, that indicates that what I say is reflective of the condition of my heart. Which means I need to pay attention to what I say, to how I speak, to the words I use.

Because forget about sticks and stones, words have the power to hurt. They also have the power to heal. To encourage. To shine light in dark places. So, choose your words carefully and think before you speak.



(If you didn’t understand my last reference, it’s okay. You’re just not as hip as me. It’s fine. Don’t worry. I’ve got a picture below that will fill you in.)

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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question…

I’ve begun thinking about starting a blog again. I mulled it over awhile back, but seeing as how it is hard for me to commit to a nail polish color, I didn’t figure I would keep up with it. But, because my latest houseplant venture (a sage plant I’ve managed to keep alive for approximately 213 days) has been successful so far, maybe I’m ready to commit. Not that I feel like I have anything super profound to offer. I guess maybe that’s been one of my hindrances as well. Blogs have always intrigued me. I’m a kind of private person so writing my thoughts and sharing them with the world seems a little daunting. Not that I’m sharing any scary details (well, not yet at least.) And, the handful of people who I think might read this probably hardly count as the whole world. I guess I’m just not used to putting much of my life on display. However, I have been praying and pondering lately about how to share the things The Lord is teaching me and the journey He has me on. So, maybe I need to be a little more open. I guess I question whether sharing more would be about building myself up more than glorifying what God is doing. I don’t want to take credit for anything, thinking I’m doing anything in my own power. I know that’s not true and I don’t want to portray that. So, I guess if this is the beginning of a blog, that needs to be my prayer. Not to me, but to Thine be the honor and glory and power forever, amen.