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Marstiller in the Making

I asked Chris if he wanted to try to recreate my parents look on their wedding day for our own wedding day, but he politely declined. I’m not sure if it’s because he doesn’t know where to find baby blue pants or if he doesn’t think he could grow a mustache that quickly, but I think we could come close to pulling it off!

Ray & Angela circa 1987

Chris & Brittney circa 2017

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Chris and I bought a house! It’s in a local community, surrounded by golf courses and lakes, and by default, retired people. Actually, I think the retired people came first, then built the lakes and golf courses. Either way, it suits both of us perfectly.

I love the house, it was built in 1983, so it was celebrating it’s seventh birthday when Chris and I were born. It’s a little older and probably a little wiser than the both of us, and I imagine it’ll teach us some pretty good life lessons over the next few years. It’s got some retro finishes, so we are updating a bit. Chris decided he didn’t like the dining room light fixture too much, so I think that’ll definitely go, if anyone is looking for something along these lines.

As much as I like the house though, I really like the neighbors. We haven’t even moved in yet and I am already getting so much entertainment. The day Chris and I went to look at the house, we walked down the (very steep) driveway to take a look at the bushes that block our view of the road out front. As we were down there, our neighbor from across the street came out to introduce herself.

She approached us and immediately said that anyone wearing Birkenstocks (which I wear about 90% of the time, with and without socks) was good in her book. She had on the same pair. Confirming that either she is pretty hip or I am a grandma. She and her husband had lived there since the early 90s and she knew all about our house. She told us the best way to back out of our driveway. She told Chris that he needed to trim the grass (much to our amusement since we hadn’t even officially closed on the house yet). And, she invited me to a weekly ladies luncheon meeting that she and the other ladies in the neighborhood meet for on Wednesdays at noon.

I thought about telling her that I have a day job and am not retired and therefore will not be able to make it, but I may wanna drop by sometime, so I left the invitation on the table. Jean and I might become good friends by the time it’s all said and done.

Along with the tips from Jean, we got an aloe plant and a St. Bernard’s lily from another lady in the community. And, the previous owners even left us a nice surprise, in the top of the closet, that Chris found while he was scraping our very 80s popcorn ceilings.

A used pregnancy test, positive in case you were wondering.

Let’s just say that maybe I am more amused by all of these happenings than he is, but he’s signed up for it: nosy neighbors, popcorn plaster, and me!

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Off the Map

Is it weird that I figuratively drop off the map when I’m home? But when I literally drop off the map, I’m the most plugged in?

Is it also weird that I bake a batch of cookies and then don’t eat any of them? I told my friend the other day that I needed to bake cookies, not for the end result of the cookies, but for the therapy of baking them. So, I did. And I didn’t eat a single one. Weird, right?

I think I’m weird sometimes til I meet a truly weird person. Like Glenn, for example. Great guy. I called him to come fix our printer in the shop. He was pleasant on the phone, called me to tell me he was going to come to the shop on Monday (while also detailing to me multiple times that he was currently en route to another shop in Arkansas but they didn’t tell him it was at the Louisiana border, so it was taking him sooo much longer than he expected, etc., etc,..) and I told him Monday was great.

The thing about it is: I usually don’t have to meet these people face to face. I sit at a desk, call them, give them directions, then let them handle whatever problem they’re coming for. So, I warned the guys that Glenn was coming and I thought he’d be a little eccentric. You know how you just get a feeling about people sometimes?
Glenn arrived on Monday. I looked out and saw his van pull up. Good, he’ll fix the printer and leave. Jake comes in 7 minutes later, asking to sit at my desk, so I turn around and there’s Glenn. It wasn’t Jake who needed my desk, but Glenn.

Not only did Glenn need to sit at my desk, he set up shop there. He kicked back, shuffled all my papers around, set up his laptop among my work in progress. And he stayed. For a long time. Mind you: my desk is no where near the printer that needed fixing. I thought about asking him if I could get him some coffee? Maybe run to town and get a nameplate engraved for him? I would’ve had time.

Finally, he relinquished my desk rights back over to me and I was able to continue what was a very hectic Monday. And, lo and behold, the printer couldn’t even be fixed. Which he informed us of, then spent the next 46 minutes regaling us with the details of his life and all his cats. No, I’m not kidding.

And all he left me thinking was: can I drop off the map again?