Dear World

Dear Things I Thought I Couldn’t Live Without, you are a shorter list than I thought you were and you don’t comprise the same things you did a week ago.

Dear Shopper, I know weighing your cart down with things makes you feel prepared for the unknown. It makes me feel that way too. We’re all just trying to do the best we can.

Dear Comfort Zone, I miss you. I know I learn so much when we part ways, but that doesn’t make life outside your cozy walls any easier. Next time I see you, I’ll be wiser.

Dear Dreams of the Week, in my subconscious wanderings, you’ve shown me numerous times that I have duplicates of things I need to give away. So, I’m multiplying hope, duplicating faith, giving away love, kindness, and the joy of an eager Spring. Free to a good home, take only what you need.

Dear Fear and Anxiety, I’ve been taking you off at night, folding you up on my bedside table. I’ve been picking you up in the morning, draping you over my shoulders like an old knit scarf, accepting your weight and itchy unpleasantness. But, I’m done. I’m tossing you out to be pounded by the warm and steady rain of our new season.

Dear Security, you are an illusion. So are your friends you bring along with you, safety and stability. You make a great trio, fun to have around, always ready for a party. But you leave as quickly as you came and with no trace that you were ever here to begin with. Were you ever here to begin with?

Dear World, there is One in whom your security, stability, safety, and hope can be assured. I pray, amidst the chaos, that we never forget that.