If You Only Knew

Chris has a penchant for cantaloupe (and basically every other fruit known to man). We went to the store the other night for a smoked sausage link to add to some veggies I was going to sauté for dinner and this is is what we ended up with.

We grow cantaloupe, watermelon and raspberries, but the raspberries are the only thing that’s ready right now. So, we’re still buying our cantaloupe and watermelon.

Last year, Chris and I got married right before cantaloupe season, so he was here for the bounty. There’s nothing better than a home-grown cantaloupe. That is why when Chris sees the squirrels eating them off the vine, he takes action aka gets the gun out.

This year, he’s trying to take precautions early by thinning out the squirrel population a little before the fruit gets here. Yesterday, he took aim at a squirrel on the bird feeder, but missed (in his defense, he’d just gotten done working out so his arms were a little worn out for proper aiming.) But, he managed to scare the little guy pretty well.

The reason I know this is because today, when I saw a squirrel at the bird feeder, he looked on guard. I’m almost certain it’s the same squirrel that was there yesterday. He was very cautious, waiting for the guy with the gun to come out barrels blazing.

And as I watched the squirrel, I thought, if he knew what I knew, he wouldn’t be afraid, because he’d know that the guy with the gun isn’t here right now. If he knew what I knew, he’d snack peacefully and not look over his shoulder. If he knew what I knew, he’d feel free to move about, playing with his bunny friend and taking advantage of whatever opportunities (or food) came his way.

And then I wondered, does God ever think that about us? Does He see us down here worrying over petty things that won’t matter, questioning if we’re going to be taken care of, wondering if our jobs, relationships, lives, are going to work out, and think “if they knew what I know, they’d know it’s taken care of”?

I saw a quote recently that said when you worry about something, if what you worry about really does happen, it’s like living through it twice.

When I take a step back, when I look at the God we serve, at what He has done and made possible in my life, worrying seems so silly.

If you knew what I know and more importantly, if you know Who I know, you’d realize that it’s all gonna be alright.


3 am

Chris almost took out one of my apple trees with a zero turn mower yesterday. He says I’m being a little dramatic when I say “took out”, in his words, he bumped it. Regardless, I’m gonna watch out when I see him on that thing.

Baby peaches on one of our peach trees

When I found out he “bumped” into my two year old apple tree, he joked that I couldn’t even make him sleep in the guest room, if I wanted, for the misdemeanor. Why, you might ask? Because we’re already sleeping in our guest room this week.

Chris has suffered with allergies for over a month now, so on Monday, we were supposed to get a big rain and I hoped it would wash some of the pollen out of the air. I waited and waited and asked when it was going to rain all day and it finally came right about the time we were going to sleep.

I listened to the thunder, nodded off and slept hard until I heard Chris in the middle of the night, telling me to wake up.

Apparently, along with washing the pollen out of the air, the quick 8 inches of rain we got decided to wash into our master bedroom as well.

Chris made me aware of this at 3 am when he stepped out of bed, and into a puddle. He quickly dashed through the house, checked every room, and came back to give me the report, which I sleepily received.

I’m not sure if Chris married a very logical, nonchalant, or crazy person, but my response to him splashing around in our room was: Chris, it’s not that I’m not concerned but it’s 3 am and there’s nothing we can do about this right now, so go back to sleep and we’ll figure it out in the morning. Which I did.

I slept well for the rest of the night, woke up, and we handled it.

We ended up removing over 20 gallons of water from our room in total

Marriage is a funny thing because you bind yourself together for a lifetime with someone, not knowing what exactly that lifetime will bring with it. I didn’t go into marriage knowing how Chris would react to waking up with rain running into our floor. And I bet he sure never knew how I would react to that situation. In the grand scheme of things, it ended up being a minor inconvenience. But, for better or for worse, we signed up to weather whatever storms come together.