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For Free

On my way to the airport this morning, a man in the elevator asked me where I was from. He was from Texas, which I could tell before he even told me. Those Texas people, you can always just tell. When I told him I was from Northwest Arkansas, he said, “Oh, the pretty part of the state!” And he was immediately my friend. Atleast someone knows what’s up.  

Selfie on my final flight home

You know, I love a lot of things about traveling. There are some downsides. Currently, I’m sitting at the airport, having been delayed overnight in Chicago. So, I can definitely say there are downsides. But, the thing I love about traveling is perspective. 
We have no idea how many things we take for granted. I will be the first one to stand in that line and raise my hand. I have no idea. But, traveling gives you that perspective. It exposes you to new ways of thinking, to taking things as they come, to not always getting things your way. 
In America, we have so much more freedom than we know. We argue and banter about freedoms and the government trying to take away freedoms or be too free. But, the fact that we can even have these conversations, the fact that we can oppose or agree with whatever we want is, in itself, a freedom. We don’t even realize it. 
We don’t have to take things as they come. We can change, we can fight, we can protest. But, it’s not like that everywhere. 
I started out this post thinking I was going to write about the things I’ve realized I take for granted. Like ice (I love ice and they don’t have it in abundance in very many places), fresh milk, drinking water from the tap, hot water whenever you want it, clean streets, understanding the language, cereal, central heating, things like that. Little things, preferences that I don’t get when I travel. 
But, I think the bigger picture is freedom. You don’t know what you have until it’s taken away. You don’t truly know freedom until you’ve experienced restraint. I’m used to getting what I want. It’s the American way. I want it, I’m going to have it. Not everyone has this privilege. Don’t take it for granted. 


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