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Never Fear

Is all chocolate cake in Germany considered German chocolate cake? Because we’ve had some chocolate cake here and it was delicious.

We tried another GCC here as well. The German Catholic Church. I’ve never been to a Catholic service before and we have a friend in Germany who was kind enough to host us for a night, which happened to be Saturday night, so we went to Sunday morning church with her.

Church is a thing I love to experience in every country. I think it is such a cultural experience and holds so many traditions. So, if we can, I like to catch a church service. I’ve been to services in the Dominican Republic, Armenia, Micronesia, Korea, Honduras, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Romania, Jordan, and now Germany.

All church services are essentially the same, singing and a message. But, it’s the cultural nuances I like. Today, it was a pipe organ. In Cambodia, it was going barefoot for the service. In Micronesia, it was singing worship songs to a ukulele. In China, it was worshipping in secret with an underground church. Everywhere is different.

But, the God we worship is the same. And He transcends language. As I’ve said, I don’t speak any German. But sometimes I feel like I can understand some things if I listen close enough. Which totally isn’t true because during the message this morning I think I heard the priest say something about a hot shower and also gesundheit, even though no one had sneezed. So, I really can’t understand anything.

However, there was a woman who got up to read a passage. And I have no idea what she was saying. No idea what the passage was. But, I clearly heard: “The Lord is my strength, I shall not fear.”
Lucky for me, the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak German. Or Korean. Or English. He just speaks. We interpret it in our own language, but the heart message is the same.
How awesome is it that we serve a God who transcends culture, who transcends language, who is present wherever we are, and who can speak to us through the times we can’t even understand ourselves.

All we have to do is be still and listen.


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