Keep Calm & Carry On

I’ve already gotten a lecture this morning on my baggage. I got new luggage recently. My suitcase is currently weighing in at the heaviest: 59 pounds. It’s really not that bad though, because I did pack gifts for some of the families we’ll be visiting. I also packed approximately 32 jackets/sweaters/cardigans. So, maybe it is kinda bad.

For my carry-on, I figured it was time to retire my backpack and get a more adult looking tote.

My old backpack says I may or may not be going to a place where I’ll be living outside for a period of time and hitchhiking the dusty backroads of Cambodia. Which isn’t too far from accurate.


My new adult-ish tote says I’m probably going to a place that atleast has a front desk and maybe a gym. And, running water. I’m trying, guys.

My whole “adult” vibe is probably being thrown off a little bit by the fact that I’m carrying my quilt around, rolled up in my yoga mat carrier. I can’t travel without my quilt and I had no place to put it. So: stroke of genius and I’ve got a new kind of carry on.

My family thinks it’s slightly ridiculous that I carry it with me. My dad likens me to Charlie Brown. (Don’t worry, I corrected him because, as we all know, it’s Linus who carries the blanket, not Charlie) You just never know when you’re going to need to sleep in an airport.


Sleeping in Paris


My tote is currently about to bust at the seams. I told Jake when I got it that it would keep me from packing so much. Famous last words. It’s so full that the buttons won’t stay closed and the flap barely fits over it. See below.

So, after checking every five minutes to make sure I haven’t lost anything out of it, I’m finally on the plane. And, fortunately, the guy loading on behind me puts my carry ons to shame. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a boom box.

Yes, a full on stereo.

With speakers and everything.

And he’s trying to put it in the overhead compartment. I’m just hoping he brought some cassette tapes for that thing. Looks like we’re gonna be having a party! Let me just unroll this quilt and I’ll be good to go!

Note: after writing this, we happened to be going the same direction, so I managed to snap an extra picture. You’re welcome.


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