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No Soup For You: Hong Kong Edition

Let me be honest for a second: going to Hong Kong was never a dream destination for me. But it isn’t my birthday and sometimes you just wake up and a plane ticket is booked for you.

Like my senior year Spring Break when my brother announced to me that he had booked us tickets to Liberia (cue mini heart attack)… Costa Rica (not Africa: cue minor calm down)… and he had booked a zip lining excursion through the rainforest (cue major heart attack) and white water rafting (more my speed)


Second day of ziplining, the first resulted in a tearful meltdown on my part

The scary thing about Jake is when he says he wants to do something, we actually do it. Like remodeling a rent house or buying a huge embroidery machine while I was on a fishing trip to Canada. If he talks about it, it’s basically already a done deal.

Which is why when he said he wanted to go to Hong Kong last Spring, I was just waiting for him to tell me where I’d be sitting on the plane.

And here I am, four months later, in downtown Hong Kong. Jet lag doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling. That flight was pretty miserable. I kept thinking the whole time, this feels like the longest flight of my life. Then, I kept remembering that it literally was. Nearly 17 hours. In one plane. No sleep and sheer exhaustion.

When we got to the hotel, I had a quick cup of yogurt for “dinner” then fell asleep before the lights were out.

I woke up at 4:30 with a raging headache and craving soup and rice. And after wandering the dark Hong Kong streets for a few minutes, we stumbled upon “Modern Cafe”.


The outdoor menu

I love when I go in a restaurant, check the menu, see that it’s all in Mandarin. Never attempt to ask, don’t ask, it’ll just confuse them. Just wait and watch.

Yep, two seconds later, the waitress looks at me, raises her eyebrows and goes digging through the menus and brings it over. The one English menu in the place.


Note: these prices are in Hong Kong dollars. Our whole breakfast meal together including drinks cost $6.75 USD

I ask if they have soup. Nope. (Even though I see everyone around me eating it) Okay.. I just order the “chicken fillet” instead and pray whatever comes out is good. I’m pretty sure that is the most vague description you could give. I can think of about a million dishes that you could label chicken fillet. However, I was not expecting this.


My chicken fillet

Someone must’ve read my mind. Maybe Hong Kong isn’t so bad after all.


Jet lag soup



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