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No Worries 

I’m currently on hour #25 of no sleep.  

Cab ride selfie

When we exited the airport, Jake picked the first cab driver he came to. As we were loading in the car, he said, I’ve heard Italians drive kinda crazy. I think he just has a knack for picking the crazy ones (see Thailand taxi post for reference)

About two seconds into the drive, I found that he’d heard right. The speed limit was 110 km per hour. We were traveling at a hefty 155 km/hour. I didn’t do the math, but I knew it was fast. Faster than I was really comfortable with. And my comfort level for speed is probably higher than the average person. (For those of us in the mph world, 155 km/hr = about 96 mph). People always say have a safe flight, but what they should say is have a safe cab ride once you get there. 

After arriving at our hotel and dropping our bags, they informed us that we would need to wait to check in. So, we went in search of a restaurant. I’m pretty much a zombie at this point and as I was coming out of the subway station, a man from Senegal came up and proceeded to tie a bracelet on my wrist. 

This is a common market tactic. Their rule of thumb seems to be: if they can get it on you, you have to buy it. This bracelet was tied on before I knew it and the guy was wanting paid for it. Unfortunately for him, I always have no money. I don’t carry a bag or a wallet or anything with me. So, after explaining to him that I had nothing, he let me go with a handshake and a hakuna matata. A problem free philosophy that results in a free bracelet? I’ll take that any day. 


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