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I sent my brother to the store for groceries and this is what he came back with. (And, no, they weren’t having an enchilada sauce sale.) 

Sometimes it’s easier to do something yourself rather than to ask for help. And I knew that. I especially knew that when I sent him inside to find the squash seeds I needed to plant. We plant a fall garden, which starts now. I planted three varieties of fall squash. I harvested the seeds from our earlier crop, so the seeds I sent him in to find were still in the dehydrator.   

Homegrown butternut squash & seeds

I knew he wouldn’t find them.

 I knew it. 

But I waited in the yard til he came out on the porch. I thought, by some miracle. he’d found them. So I yelled at him to grab my notebook, where I keep my garden diagram, and a Sharpie. (So I could mark where I was planting the new seeds at.) 


Summer garden diagram

Except for when I shouted across the yard at him to grab a Sharpie, he thought I said squash seed. To which he yelled back that he couldn’t find. Then I yelled, not squash seeds, a Sharpie! To which he yelled, car keys?! To which I yelled Sharpie, to which he yelled that he still couldn’t find the squash seeds… So I went in, got the squash seeds, my Sharpie, and not my car keys. And went out and planted my squash. 

Like I said, sometimes it’s easier to just do it yourself. 


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