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Popcorn Patience

Have you ever been standing in the shower and thought, I’d love to have some popcorn right now? Yeah, me either. 
Privacy becomes non-existent where kids are involved. I thought taking a shower would be my mini-escape. Not so. As I was taking a shower, one of the little girls was standing right outside my shower curtain, talking to me the whole time. No problem, talk away. She kept getting impatient, though, asking when I’d be done. Finally, she left, then yelled at me to get out because someone had made some very delicious popcorn. I thought this would be a great distraction for her and I’d get a little peace and quiet. Wrong again. Two seconds later, a little hand reaches into the shower, full of popcorn. “You were taking too long, so I brought the popcorn to you.” 
Aside from a few minor babysitting stints when I was a teenager, I’ve never really been around kids for an extended period of time. I do a couple hours at a time and then go back to my own life. Being at camp with them for a week was a test of endurance. 


A few of my favorite crazy kids

Right before I left, my mom said, why don’t you take some fruit for the girls to eat? They’d like that. And I said they wouldn’t eat it. But, because we have had so many cantaloupes from the garden this summer, I decided to take a couple. Sure enough, as soon as I started cutting them up, the girls flocked like moths to a light. 
Apparently, mom knows best. I called her and the next day she brought over a dozen more. So for my birthday, we had a front porch cantaloupe cutting party. This may have been my best birthday yet. 

I asked the Lord to show me how to better serve Him. I didn’t quite expect that shower popcorn and cabin cantaloupe would be His answer. But, for this week, it was and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We don’t get to pick and choose who we serve or how we serve, but every place the Lord calls us to is a mission field all its own. So, get your popcorn ready and get settled in because it’s guaranteed to be quite a show. 


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