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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Why are there animal crackers in my bed? I shouldn’t even have to ask this question. Are they mine? No. Apparently we operate on a what’s mine is yours mentality around here and that goes for my bed. And everything else I brought. I don’t know why my bunk is the chosen cool spot for all the eight year olds to hang out but I think we need to change that.
Cool Kids

Cool Kids

So, let me just give you a glimpse of what my day has been like. I had to wake 9 little girls up at 6:30 in the morning and get them to breakfast by 7:15. It was pouring down rain. Everyone wants to hold my hand. I have a rain jacket (which I am wearing) and no umbrella. We have a ten minute walk in aforementioned rain. By the time we get there, everyone is soaked. We sit down for breakfast and one of our little boys taps me on the shoulder to tell me he spilled his cereal and milk, which turned out to be all over the floor of the cafeteria. I tell him to go get napkins and he brings back four, which is not going to come close to cleaning it all up. We finally get everyone cleaned up and fed. As we’re walking back to our cabin to make our beds, our littlest girl comes up carrying one of her sandals and tells me it’s broken. I told her to put on another pair. To which she replied, these are the only shoes I brought. So, I walk into the cabin to figure out what other little girls have shoes (preferably dry, but at this point I’m not planning on being picky) she could borrow. And I’m greeted at the door by one of our older girls, telling me that someone left a Popsicle in the refrigerator instead of the freezer and it melted everywhere. To which my only response was: what color was it?
Camp, I gotta love ya!

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