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Let’s Ride!

Arranging for group travel is always fun. But, the least advantageous in said arrangements is being the youngest or the smallest in the group. Which is usually me. In a car, you are put in the middle seat. In a van, you’re put in the farthest reaches, climbing over seats and other passengers to your tiny corner in the back. In Costa Rica, I was put in the tiniest seat on the bus, right behind and above the driver, for the three hour ride. In a little fly in plane in Canada, I was stored in the back with the fishing poles and duffel bags. And here in Laos, it means I’m put on the back of a motorbike. I heard rumblings at the other end of the table of this conversation about transportation at our lunch. Everyone else was accounted for, but we had one extra person, so what should we do? Oh! That’s right, Brittney can ride on the back of the motorbike. Problem solved!

Not so sure about this

Not so sure about this

I would dare to say that motorbikes are the main means of transportation around the world. (That’s a Brittney fact, not a real fact, so don’t quote me) But, we do see them everywhere. There’s not much you can’t do and not many places you can’t go on one. You can carry things on them. I’ve seen a full grown pig being hauled on one, tied with a rope to the back. No big deal. Families ride on them together. I think the most I’ve witnessed is 6 at a time.

Motorbike parking

Motorbike parking

There is a mental lag that happens with seeing bizarre things on motorbikes though. Usually, one will go by, and you will see it. Then, two seconds later, you’ll process what you saw and think: did I really just witness that?

Baby’s hungry? No problem! Sit side-saddle and feed on the go!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.55.15 PM
Just got an IV? Just hold the bottle up and climb on, you’ll be fine!

Yes, that bottle she's holding up is an IV. This is actually a pretty common sighting.

Yes, that bottle she’s holding up is an IV. This is actually a pretty common sighting.

I finally talked myself into it.

I finally talked myself into it.

I did finally talk myself into riding, holding on carefully, in the most American style. Mastering the side saddle will have to wait until next time.


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