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What is Hidden Hunger?

I had quite a time deciding what to name the blog. I want to cover details about missions and how nutrition can (and is) tying in with that. But, I didn’t want to be too specific to that work because there will obviously be more than just that. Some of my top choices were “Princess and the Pea” (there’s a story behind that, maybe I’ll share that some day), Sticky Rice Confessional, and the one I chose, A Hidden Hunger. This has been a subject The Lord has placed on my heart for awhile now and it truly encompasses so much of the ideology I want to express. As many of you probably already know, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Arkansas in 2013. I need to do a whole post on exactly how I got to where I am today. Well, probably not precisely where I am today because I’m currently in a cramped airplane seat on a 14 hour flight to Korea. Although, it might be interesting to detail to you exactly what got me here. But, that’s for another time. Where was I again? I think I was trying to explain the idea of hidden hunger.

Anyway, the technical definition of hidden hunger is micronutrient deficiencies that are masked by a seemingly healthy individual. In a nutshell, a person can look healthy, be of a normal weight and appearance, but still have deficiencies that are not necessarily presented in their physical state. For example, I look normal (debatable to some, but you can make your jokes later), but I typically have borderline iron levels. You wouldn’t know that by looking at me. This idea of hidden hunger first presented itself to me on the mission field last year. There were people who looked healthy with underlying deficiencies that were causing different health disparities when explored on a deeper level. This was a problem. But as I began thinking and praying about this hunger, the greater issue surfaced. We see people, all over the world, going about their lives, doing their daily tasks, seemingly fine from the outsider’s perspective. However, there is a hidden hunger, one that they are constantly looking to fill, one that hasn’t been satiated. It is the hunger for a personal relationship with Jesus, the Savior and Son of God who died so that we might be set free. I’ve met people who have never even heard the name of Jesus before, yet they have this deep longing for something more. They are searching because they know that something in them needs to be filled. Like a belly rumbling, so is their soul deep within them, saying give me what I need. And what they need is the love and grace and saving power of Jesus. Until we satiate the true desire of our souls, we’ll never be complete. This is the true hidden hunger. So, this is where my journey begins.


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